Evil Maid CHKDSK : Steal users password with fake CHKDSK

This is s simple 512-byte MBR program that pretends to be Windows CHKDSK. It asks the user for a password, writes that password back to the media it booted from, renders that media unbootable, and reboots.

NOTE: Windows helpfully prompts the user to format the drive when its inserted, or…


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Generating 16384 bit SSH keys.

I recently regenerated my SSH keys having used the same for many years. I was presently surprised to discover 16384 bit keys are now incredibly cheap with handshakes on my (almost) lowest powered hardware, my i5 1.7 GHz 2011 Macbook Air taking only 0.2s. This in my opinion is a cost worth paying …

Dispositivo Móvel – VCT

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